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Promoting Wellness

The winter and spring of 2020 will be remembered as the period when the whole world stopped operating “normally”! Our daily lives and routines have been altered dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Performing work from home with no personal interaction, other than a virtual meeting a few times a week, has been the new reality. Working in isolation for many can be mentally and physically stressful.

In this time of wrestling the COVID-19 virus, a vital component of any strong Human Resources department is a Wellness Promotion Committee”. Developed as a part of your Human Resource's Workforce Strategy, this committee supports employee well-being with the aim of maintaining a comprehensive workplace wellness program.

Whether working at the office with colleagues or confined to working alone from home, our HR and Payroll staff’s wellness must be a priority if we are to succeed as a thriving and nurturing workplace.

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From: "" - 121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas for 2020 That Your Team Will Love”

Claude Clement

Subject Matter Expert


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