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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Advantage

AI and a wide range of innovative technologies now enable payroll/hr managers to not only meet their goals but also take on a new, expanded role.

The new tech tools available to managers are based on algorithms that analyze vast amounts of data, make them more understandable and find exceptions. Moreover, algorithms work 24/7 and are much faster than people, which cuts down significantly on processing time. This saves managers a great deal of time, as well as giving them immediate access to the data they need to advise their employers and clients.

For payroll/hr managers, this means not just being able to quickly absorb new information but also, and most importantly, having the ability to understand needs, meet challenges, and interact with their employer and clients with metrics. Communicating early and often to ensure your payroll/HR/IT teams understand the benefits that digital solutions will bring to their productivity, the employee experience, and the organization.

We at HRPLink follow up regularly to review progress, discuss issues and keep people excited about the end state you are working toward. At the same time, we take steps to support users — both during implementation and beyond. We have tools to help with the piloting and transitioning from your legacy system for you, relieving the stress normally associated with the implementation of a new system.

When you select a technology vendor like HRPLink, you will find an experienced partner that provides comprehensive services and resources to help drive implementation success and meet your own payroll/hr strategic goals. We offer convenient training — so users feel comfortable and proficient using the user-friendly technology.

Connect with us and book an online virtual demo to see how our AI powered ‘Checkbot’ can help your team. With HRPLink providing new AI technologies and metrics, added to the advanced HR/Payroll/workflow functionality, you will be excited to join our customer community.

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