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HRPLink is modular and yet fully integrated.  Learn more about what we offer below and call us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to meet with one of our team members.


Employees can hold multiple changing positions with overlapping time periods across multiple groups with different conditions of employment, including different rates of pay and types of employment (eg. full time, part time, occasional, time sheet, ad-hoc, etc.)  A full history of employee positions is maintained for every employee to cater for automatic retro and entitlement calculations.  Future dated records can be entered in advance.  Mass update functionality applies new pay grids or calculates various seniority / service values.

Call Center


Pay calculations are defined with customizable formulas to cater for unusual and changing requirements.  Automatic adjustments can eliminate negative net pays.  Multiple bank accounts are allowed per employee.
Calculations limits (eg. EI, CPP, etc.) can apply to each employee profile, catering for employees with multiple changing positions.  Reporting is included for all third party remittances and for Year end balancing and processing.

Math Class


Eliminate paper and automate your workflows.  Create an unlimited number of electronic forms, each with unique, customized layout and content.  Forms are date-time stamped and are stored in the HRPLink database along with the employee record.  Powerful custom workflows can be attached to each form to route for notifications, approvals, etc.



Our Query Builder / Viewer allows users to build and share their own reports using either a user-friendly pick-and-click interface or, for more complicated requirements, by embedding SQL.  You can define your own selection criteria, assign access to other users, specify parameters available when the report is run and download results into Excel or PDF.

Laptop Writing


Design and publish an unlimited number of online training courses for your employees.  Assign access to each course according to the positions held by the employees.  Optionally create a multiple choice exam to verify the employees knowledge.  Employees receive a certificate upon successful completion of each course.

Education Books Bookshelfs


Employees complete their resumes online in a format that you define then apply for postings that are approved by HR.  Reporting assists selection of applicants for interviews and placement.

Job Interview
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