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Our Tech Secrets Revealed!

If you've ever wondered why HRPLink is able to offer a premium product without the premium price tag then read on!  Nothing worth having comes easy but by thoughtfully investing the necessary time and effort in our technology we've made our job easier. More importantly we have made our clients' job a lot easier - which goes a long way in helping them succeed. Let me share with you the 5 most important things we've done to make this happen.

1. Software Architecture Most vendors implement a ‘canned' architecture which is cheap and produces quick results. The downside is that this type of architecture is plagued by limitations that create more and more challenges as time goes by. At HRPLink we did something different. We spent the effort upfront designing and building our own architecture specifically tailored to support our software.  This means we have the flexibility to quickly and easily adapt to our clients' changing needs.  In addition, our architecture automatically enforces a very wide scope of error checking and security checks.  As a bonus we have implemented a high degree of automation which takes care of a multitude of time consuming, repetitive tasks normally performed by programmers. This means we turn around changes and enhancements very quickly, sometimes within the same day.

2. Code Reviews Our programmers review each other’s work before our software ever reaches our clients. The extra time we spend doing this actually saves us much more time in the long run as we share ideas, provide advice, identify potential issues and look for the very best solutions.  More importantly, it enables us to constantly improve the quality and consistency of our code so that we can ensure the highest quality software. Our development team enthusiastically embrace this very important part of the process which helps them improve their skill set as they go. 

3. Reuse of Code When it comes to writing quality code, the rule of thumb is always that less is better! Instead of rewriting repetitive lines of code in different areas of our software, where possible we call an existing piece of code. This creates a clean, consistent streamlined product with less errors. Our programmers must think about their tasks differently, but less code means less work and faster turnaround times. Additionally, since that code is used to support multiple functions, it is executed during more test scenarios.  Therefore, if a piece of code has a potential failure point it is much more likely to be found during the testing phase and happens quickly.

4. Automated Testing HRPLink's automation-forward approach includes the ability for our system to perform testing on itself.  Currently there are approximately 60,000 individual tests that HRPLink performs automatically, and that number continues to grow.  While some vendors are able to offer a certain portion of automated testing, what makes HRPLink stand out is that we are able to apply these tests to your individual installation.  In fact, it is a standard requirement of the installation process.  This helps to ensure that your application is correctly installed and is not posing any challenges in your environment.

5. Our Team HRPLink is not simply a vendor who works with public sector clients. We are a body of handpicked experts who have dedicated our working lives serving the public sector. Some of us have been in the trenches doing the same work that our clients do while others have honed their skills over many years building and supporting the technology so vital to that work. Because we have been there, HRPLink has an intimate knowledge of our clients' needs and an unmatched passion for providing real results. We take a personal interest in the work that you do and are always there when you need us. We ensure that our team of highly-talented top professionals always have the opportunity to freely contribute to projects so that we can benefit from their ideas and experience.  We are fiercely proud of our team and their accomplishments. If you have had the chance to work with them, then you already know why. If you would like to learn more about how we do all of this out of you have any questions on this topic you may contact me at

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