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If Change is good, why are we afraid of it?

Most of us agree with the saying “change is good” and we also know that change is inevitable. And yet many of us avoid it every chance we get. We make excuses and put it off to the future telling ourselves we do not have time, resources, money or that we just are not ready. We fear the unknown, the possibility of failure or of upsetting the status quo. But at what cost?

I agree with the old saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” To me, that means that if you have something that is working well for you, it does not require any “change.” I once heard a speaker say that “If it isn’t broke its because it is not being used.” I never bought in to that theory! But I will say this: there comes a time when we are ripe for change and even though we are getting by with what we currently use, it is not working for us the way it could or should. Without realizing it, we have learned to live with things.

There is no question that the world is quickly changing, and innovative technology is leading the charge. With dramatic improvements to cost efficiency, accuracy, and user experience those organizations that embrace change are reaping the rewards.

When evaluating your current HR/Payroll system and what it is really doing for your organization, you need to look at facts. Ask questions such as:

  • How long have we used it?

  • Has the vendor or service provider really proven that they are keeping up with recent technology and offering us the best that is out there? How can we test that theory?

  • How much are annual licensing and support fees? Do we pay a lot for extras and upgrades?

  • Is it efficient and easy to use? Is there room for improvement and if so what?

  • Have we accepted shortcomings by telling ourselves “Well, it just can’t do this specific process, but we have a work-around for that?”

  • Are there changes that have been introduced by third parties (CRA, Federations, Pension organizations, etc.) that our system is persistently challenged by or not compliant with? Was it designed with the necessary flexibility to cope with said changes?

  • Does it work for us or do we work for it?

If we find that these questions leave us feeling a little uncomfortable, we have found the answer. Getting our colleagues to take an honest look at examining things as we have is not always easy. But to get the buy-in needed from everyone (upper management to front-line workers) we must show the benefits this change will create while at the same time, address the fear that comes with making such a dramatic change. So, if we know that we must make a change, how do we know the change we are making is the right one and quell the fear that change creates?

  • Show specific process improvements and ease of use.

  • Show new innovations and features that simplify and make processes easier and more efficient

  • Understand and show how savings will be attained

  • Introduce all involved to the vendor and their support staff

  • Hold “Q & A” sessions allowing those who will be using the system to get answers they need to understand the benefits and changes they can expect

  • Have a well thought out plan for implementation of the new system making sure that:

  • The change-over is carried out in a reasonable amount of time and does not feel rushed.

  • The old and new systems are run in parallel and you only switch over to production when the issues that are found during testing (if any) are fully addressed.

  • Training is provided to all users by qualified and knowledgeable training staff.

  • Everyone involved is regularly updated on the progress of the implementation.

  • Milestones are celebrated as they are achieved.

  • There is support, encouragement, and someone to listen to everyone throughout the journey!

Successful organizations regularly examine their business processes and take the time to conduct thorough reviews of the technology they use to get there. They know that the only constant in life is change. They embrace it enjoy it and reap the benefits.

Why not ask HRPLink what we can do for your organization and what we have done to ensure our clients ensure a smooth and successful transition?

Claude Clement, SME   

(With Special Thanks to Silvie Belanger for her editing talents)

July 20, 2020

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